Alamo Water Damage Restoration

Alamo Water Damage Restoration

Reducing Damage and Safeguarding the Value of Your Property

About Alamo Water Damage Restoration

There are frequent thunderstorms and heavy rains in San Antonio. Therefore, both residential and commercial properties frequently experience water damage. Once more, a building may experience septic system problems or foundation fissures over time. Water damage, such as water leaks, flooding, and mold growth, can completely destroy the floor, walls, electrical setup, furniture, and other necessities, regardless of whether the structure is affected by natural disasters or structural problems. Most significantly, if water damage restoration is neglected, a building’s structural integrity may be compromised.

We have the resources and expertise to repair the harm caused by water leaks, seepage, and flooding because we are San Antonio’s leading specialists in water damage repair. Call us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment; we often pay for a same-day or next-day visit, depending on your location and our previous obligations. Furthermore, within 24 to 48 hours after joining the team, we will resolve the urgent problems. But depending on the extent of the damage, the restoration process could take several weeks.

Among the things we do for water damage repair are make sure the clogged water drains, clear up any dirt or debris, and dry up the area. Furthermore, we implement appropriate cleaning and sanitization protocols to avert mold infestations. Every service is also predicated on appropriate planning, diagnosis, and inspection.

We Provide the Following Water Damage Restoration Services

Regardless of the cause, we are able to repair water-related damages. Below is a quick summary of the services we provide.

Repair of Black Water Damage Resulting from Sewage Issues

It's possible for the septic system in your home to clog or for the municipal wastewater system to malfunction. In both scenarios, the wastewater is forced back into your home via the main drainage system. Certain parts of your home may become infected and damaged by the wastewater. We take care of the water disposal and cleaning related to this flooding issue. In order to permanently prevent this issue, we also put a backflow valve on the main wastewater pipe at the same time. Black water damage is the term for water damage brought on by sewage or septic issues. There are a lot of dangerous and polluted substances in this water that could be damaging to your health. We immediately sanitize and clean the impacted area.

Restoring Water Damage Resulting from Roof Leaks

Water seeping through the roof is a frequent issue in San Antonio homes. Furthermore, the loss of one or two roof shingles is the main cause of this leakage issue. In addition, shingles that are not properly maintained may become worn down, ripped, or cracked. It is important to remember that roof leaks might result in black or grey water damage to your home. Additionally, it may increase the likelihood of mold and mildew infestations in your home. Thus, we remove the flooded area, repair the shingles, and provide mold remediation and removal services. In order to prevent diseases, we even thoroughly sanitize the house.

Repairing Grey Water Damage

Is water being forced back into your home by your toilet, sump pump, or washing machine? In that case, grey water damage is a problem for you. While grey water does not pose a significant risk to human health like black water does, it does include chemicals, detergents, soap, and disinfectants that can damage different areas of your home. We have a skilled team of specialists and plumbers who can replace and repair the problematic regions, so we can quickly solve these issues. In order to stop additional damage, we will simultaneously clear the impacted regions of water and debris.

Repairing Groundwater Infiltration-Related Damage

Groundwater infiltration can occur through a building's foundation crack, resulting in water damage. Moreover, black or gray water damage may occur to the building's impacted surfaces as a result of groundwater infiltration.

Typically, we install sump pumps or drain tiles to ensure that groundwater is appropriately released from the building's base.

Resolving Issues with Clean Water Damage

Your home may sustain clean water damage if there is a problem with its plumbing system. Clean water damage is typically caused by leaks, rusting water heating systems, or issues with sinks and faucets. When we talk about clean water, we imply that it is free of contaminants and sewage. In these situations, we enlist the assistance of our plumbing specialists to resolve the issues and perform routine cleaning and sanitization tasks.

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Our Additional Services

Mold Inspection

In order to determine the extent of mold contamination in your home, we use the Environmental Relative Moldiness Index, or ERMI, which was developed by the EPA.

In order to determine the types of mold that have formed in your home, the amount of square footage that has been impacted by mold attacks, and the presence of mold spores in the air, we employ both intrusive and non-intrusive methods during our mold inspection procedure.

Black Mold Removal

The growth of black molds can be aided by water damage and excessive moisture collection. Black mold removal is crucial as part of water damage repair services because black mold can spread a variety of allergic health conditions. In accordance with EPA regulations, we ask that residents leave the property and wear PPE and N-95 gloves while we remove black mold.

We provide fire damage restoration, storm damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and biohazard cleanup services in addition to mold inspection, removal, and remediation services.

Mold Remediation

We remove mold, remove bacteria, and clean up mycotoxin as part of our mold remediation service. After determining the extent of the mold infestation, we remove the mold using scrubbers, detergent, and water. Furthermore, we make sure that any sewage or plumbing issues are resolved as soon as possible to stop additional water seepage and mold development. We also make an effort to restore and repair any objects that have already been impacted by mold infestations. Regretfully, we insist on having moldy pieces replaced in consultation with our customers if they appear to be irreparable. For the record, we strictly follow the EPA's requirements for every mold remediation project we undertake.

What Makes a Skilled Restoration Water Damage Service Needed?

Many individuals believe that amateurs can do specialized tasks like mold remediation and the restoration of water damage. But it’s certain that with expert help, the output will be of far higher quality, and the solution will be more stable. Hiring a seasoned business like ours will provide you with the following advantages in addition to exceptional service.

Why Pick Us as Your Repair Partner for Water Damage?

When selecting the top water damage restoration company in your area, there are a lot of things to take into account. We are pleased to declare that thanks to our cutting-edge infrastructure, professional attitude, transparent work processes, competitive pricing, and scientific approach to work, we are the best in every area. Furthermore, being a licensed and insured business, we guarantee that all restoration work is completed in compliance with regional standards and laws.

Furthermore, we understand that each restoration water damage work is unique, and we plan each project based on the extent of the damage. In addition, we create and provide clients with pricing quotes that are dependent on the size or scope of the task. Most notably, we have built and maintained our firm as a one-stop shop for all your water damage mending needs, which has allowed us to offer a wide range of water damage restoration services.

We Take Great Care in the Inspection

Water damage can have a number of causes. Therefore, we make sure that we are performing mold inspections, water leak detections, and other inspections correctly. Scientific diagnostics and inspection assist us in determining the amount of the damage and the best course of action for restoration once the cause of the damage has been identified. The customization of a project and the estimation of its possible cost are based on this inspection or diagnosis.

We Provide Extra Services

In addition to our usual services of water leak detection, water damage repair, and cleanup, we provide other services. Waterproofing, mold remediation, cleaning, repair, and restoration are among the many services offered. Along with storm and fire damage restoration, we also handle biohazard cleanup. Consequently, we are able to handle all of your needs concerning water damage restoration. In this sense, you avoid having to employ several businesses for different jobs, which speeds up and lowers the cost of the restoration process.

We Maintain the Required Insurance and Certification

We are a San Antonio-based water damage restoration business with IICRC certification. We also follow all necessary procedures and insure every job to provide you total confidence in the caliber of our work. We will also give you a written summary of the assurances that are included in our service. As a result, you will know what to do in the event that something goes wrong following our restoration service.

We Arrive on Time and Don't Leave Any Mess After the Task Is Completed

Being a professional crew, we make it our mission to arrive at the location at the scheduled time. Additionally, we guarantee that the restoration project is completed in accordance with the schedule we previously agreed upon with you. Furthermore, we support environmentally friendly activities. So, when our restoration work is done, we will remove any trash and handle the cleaning as well. We have now covered everything there is to know about our offerings and the reasons we are San Antonio's preeminent water damage restoration company. So give us a call right away if you believe we'd be a good fit for you. In addition, you can email us with your requests, and we will respond as soon as we can.

We have a transparent and reasonable pricing policy.

The fees for our services will only be determined by the amount of work required for a certain restoration service, as stated below. We will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the costs associated. Furthermore, there won't be any unexpected or hidden fees on the final bill.

Our Clients' Reactions to Us

Through the provision of expert water damage restoration services, we have expanded our clientele. Here are a few testimonials from our valued clients.

After our home's sewage system completely failed and our whole house flooded, I contacted Alamo Water Damage Restoration. They came to our house that same day and responded right away. Within the next day, they identified and resolved the issues. After that, they performed a mold inspection and further diagnostics for water leak detection in our home. Ultimately, they cleaned the entire house without making us feel uncomfortable. I'm grateful, team!


I was having problems with water seepage at my house because of a clogged gutter. I called Alamo Water Damage Restoration after my neighbor suggested them to me in order to repair the water damage that had already been done to my home. After a comprehensive inspection, they fixed the issues in three days. The nicest aspect is that they gave me a written warranty so I may contact them in the event that something goes wrong with their job.


We experienced flooding in our basement as a result of a plumbing issue in our home. As soon as we phoned, Alamo Water Damage Restoration came out right away, fixing the damages, cleaning the water, and disinfecting the basement. Their service has truly impressed me.